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Budo seminar - Sarajevo 2004

Upon invitation from Ragib Karamehmedovic sensei from Sarajevo, another member of MAIF, Zdravkovic sensei had a privilege of running a Jissen Aikijujutsu seminar for excellent budo practitioners of Bosnian capitol. This seminar eventually turned out to be a complete Jissen Budo Seminar, because almost all of the facets of Jissen Budo system were presented during three sessions of this two-days long event.


Most of the people on this seminar where senior practitioners with black or brown belts in aikido, judo and karate, or multiple advanced kyu grades in these arts - and all with experience and interest in JJIF and MMA competitions. It was a real pleasure to run a seminar for such audience, and hosts were also very satisfied with teaching methodology of Zdravkovic sensei and preciseness of his explanations.


On the end of the seminar, several promotions were made, placing these multi-style oriented budoka on their rightfully deserved place as Aiki Jujutsu and Jujutsu practitioners. Ragib Karamehmedovic sensei is promoted into Menkyo Chuden/4th Jissen Aiki Jujutsu; his student and aikido yudansha Kresimir Brajkovic received Menkyo Chuden/3rd Dan Jissen Aiki Jujutsu. Two brown belt holders Vlado Kerleta and Predrag Marjanovic are promoted into Menkyo Shoden/1st Dan Jissen Aiki Jujutsu. Ismir Jusko sensei is promoted into rank of Menkyo Chuden/3rd Dan Jissen jujutsu, being a bit different in his style and closer to standards of gendai jujutsu as practiced in JJIF.


Opening of the seminar - a group photo.
Ismir Jusko, Ivica Zdravkovic and Ragib Karamehmedovic
Kyusho Jutsu: oyayubi iponken into suigetsu area...
Finishing ude osae - instruction to ladies from Aikido club "Osnivac"
Newly promoted Jissen Budo instructors with Zdravkovic sensei (from left to right):
Vlado Kerleta (M. Shoden Aiki Jujutsu), Kresimir Brajkovic (M. Chuden Aiki Jujutsu),
Ragib Karamehmedovic (M. Chuden Aiki jujutsu), Ismir Jusko (M. Chuden Jujutsu),
Predrag Marjanovic (M. Shoden Jujutsu).

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