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Annual Budo Seminar of Serbian Budo Council,

Pozarevac, June 2005


with participation of members from Serbian Budo Council (SBC), Ju-Jutsu Federation of Serbia (JJFS),

Bushido Zazen International Society (BZIS), Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors (KIAI), 

Budo Council of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BCBiH),

and independent clubs and sensei


This was the third Annual seminar/meeting of Serbian Budo Council ever since SBC has been reorganized back in 2002. Seminar lasted for 3 days and gathered some outstanding instructors from 5 countries: Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, England and Wales. These instructors were:

There were 50 people on the first day of seminar (Sunday, June 12th), practicing empty-handed Japanese martial arts in the Sport Center Pozarevac. During first 2 hours head instructors were Ian Stewart sensei and Nick Sleep sensei from Great Britain. They demonstrated excellent Aiki Jujutsu techniques, with detailed instruction about the origin of Daito Ryu self-defense techniques from weapon techniques. One of the most interesting parts of their teaching was yawara bo (kubotan), which is not frequently seen in Serbia. After a short break, instruction was run by Owen Bolton sensei and Nigel Thomas sensei, from Great Britain, who showed very nice aikido drills and techniques. Final hour of this day was given to all the participants to demonstrate their arts. Students of Shinbukan Dojo under Ivica Zdravkovic sensei were the first on the mat, then followed by sensei from Perlez, Sabac, Sarajevo, Great Britain... Whole day ended with small chanbara tournament (kodachi discipline - short sword competition) for youngest practitioners. All participants received diplomas. There was a diner for all sensei in the evening. During this diner there was informal Annual meeting of Assembly of SBC, and Milan Vujasin sensei from Sabac was elected new member of Board of Serbian Budo Council.


On Monday 13th of June some 9 sensei and 10 students from Great Britain and Serbia went to Silver Lake near Veliko Gradiste, where they participated on 3rd International seminar of Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors. (The 1st KIAI seminar was in Serbia 2003, 2nd was in Czech Republic in 2004) First part of this seminar was headed by Ian Stewart sensei and Nick Sleep sensei from Great Britain. Bokken paired drills (katachi, kumitachi) were demonstrated, with some very useful advises ad explanation. Owen Bolton sensei then demonstrated couple of Iaido kumitachi, followed by Ivica Zdravkovic sensei and Slobodan Saric sensei who demonstrated Shinbukan kenjutsu. After this, there was a small tameshikiri demonstration, and all of participants were offered to test their cutting abilities. Finally, there was a sports chanbara demonstration, with Choken Ryote and Choken Iai exhibition matches. Some 50 and more kids who have observed the event were offered to try Chanbara, japanese sport kenjutsu, and it was a chance for organizing a small tournament. Kids enjoyed Kodachi competition very much.


On Monday evening there was a demonstration of martial arts in Veliko Gradiste. Apart from BZIS members from Great Britain and Shinbukan Dojo Pozarevac, there were also local aikido club "Pinkum" under Aleksandar Stanojevic sensei, and local karate clubs "VGSK" and "Shogun". Tatami was placed in the amphitheater on the bank of Danube River, almost in the very center of the town. With some 400 observers, excellent demonstration under the spot lights, a pleasant temperature of late spring night, with Romanian hills right across the Danube and tourist boat from Switzerland passing by, it was an amazing scene. Audience was constantly applauding to all the participants and local TV stations made interviews with all the sensei at the end.

During this magnificent day guest from Great Britain were received from Mayor of Veliko Gradiste and were introduced to sport activities and tourist resorts of this area. Tremendous help in organizing whole event was received from the Tourist organization of Veliko Gradiste, as well as from Aikido club "Pinkum" from Veliko Gradiste.


On Tuesday 14th of June British guest were taken to Ranovac, to family house of Srdjan Ilic sensei, president of Serbian Budo Council. After an excellent meal, they visited Petrovac, where they were introduced to local Mayor. Upon this reception, all member of British squad accompanied with SBC Board members went to see the Gornjak Monastery, one of the most beautiful historical monuments of Serbian Orthodox tradition, built by Serbian duke Lazar in 14th century.


Apart from Board members of Serbian Budo Council  who made tremendous efforts to organize this event, and also a good will from all seminar participants, who paid their travel costs, the ones who helped realization of this fine event are:

1. Public Company for Tourism of Veliko Gradiste
2. Municipal Assembly of Veliko Gradiste
3. Restaurant "Srpska Kuca" on Silver Lake (Srebrno jezero) beside Veliko Gradiste
4. Police Station of Veliko Gradiste
5. Aikido club "Pinkum" and its head Aleksandar Stanojevic from Veliko Gradiste
6. Restaurant/hotel "Boem" from Pozarevac
7. Sport Center in Pozarevac and Mr. Miroslav Stankovic and Dusan Savic
8. Ljubomir Jovic sensei from Judo club in Pozarevac
9. Ilic family from Ranovac
10. Railway section in Pozarevac
11. Municipal Assembly of Petrovac
12. Local media: "Rec naroda", TV "Biser", Radio "Boom93" and others
13. Members of Shinbukan dojo Pozarevac
14. Members of Jujutsu club Petrovac na Mlavi
15. Members of Jujutsu club "Panther" from Sabac
16. SBC members Aleksandar Bojkovic and Vladimir Bojovic from Belgrade
17. Members of Budo Council of Bosnia & Herzegovina
18. All of sensei and students who participated on this seminar
19. Mr. Stevan Beli and his printhouse "GrafArt" in Pozarevac
20. Mr. Dragan Jankovic Jane, photo artist
21. Caffe "Sansa" Pozarevac

1st Day of seminar - Sport Center Pozarevac



Practice: sensei from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, England and Wales


Ragib, Kreso, Milan, Sara, Bilja, Miroslav, Aca


Demonstration of Chanbara - Sport kenjutsu


Participants of 3rd KIAI International Seminar, Serbia 2005


Nick Sleep sensei, KIAI President, performing Tameshikiri


Chanbara tournament for kids at the end of KIAI seminar


Opening ceremony of public demonstration in Veliko Gradiste


Karate club perfoming Heian kata in front of 400 spectators

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